Hello Out There!

Hey, I’ve just created this blog account so I can have something to use for screenshots and such as I create a Quick Start Guide for computer and blogging neophytes.

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Hello world!

Introductions are in order. My name is Mike and I am a freelance writer. My latest gig has me creating an independent Quick Start Guide for people to quickly and easily set up an account here and get rolling and writing blogs quickly.

It’s important to remember that as in all things, quantity isn’t everything when writing a blog; whether you’re getting gripes of your chest or letting people know about new products your company is going to introduce, you shouldn’t write just to write. A hundred words or a thousand, nobody’s going to read you if what you write doesn’t grab and hold their attention. For this reason, you should have a pretty good idea of what you plan to say before you log in to the system and start writing. Of course, as the words flow onto the page, you may think up a better way to say what needs to be said. That’s fine. Just remember to keep it pertinent and don’t change your subjects mid-sentence or paragraph.

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